Covid-19 Update

R.J. Trevarthen Ltd


Health and Hygiene Announcement

During the coronavirus pandemic, we are taking additional precautions to keep customers and staff safe. Find out what we are doing in the shop and during our deliveries to help reduce the risk of infections.


Food and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There is currently no evidence that food is a likely source or route of transmission of the virus. When cooking and handling food, make sure to follow good hygiene practices, such as washing hands, cooking meat thoroughly and avoiding potential cross-contamination between cooked and uncooked foods.

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Health & Hygiene

At R. J. Trevarthen Ltd, we take health & hygiene very seriously. Our staff have all gone through the required food hygiene training. Additionally, our site cleaning and hygiene standards are extremely high and are monitored both internally and externally on a regular basis. Adhering to the high standards of our industry, our rigorous food hygiene routine includes continual sanitisation of food contact and hand touched surfaces, throughout the whole site.

Additional Measures

In light of the Corona virus pandemic, we have increased our safety measures in an effort to keep everyone safe at all times. For example, staff are asked to wear face coverings if they can not safely social distance. We also change PPE more often and increase the regularity and intensity of our cleaning regime. Entry to site is restricted and only emergency call out contractors and staff may enter without express permission. Anyone entering the factory must sanitise their hands on entry and exit, be subjected to health screening and abide by the social distancing guidance and visible instructions. 

After performing a risk assessment, it was decided to implement the following Action Plan.

Impact on staffing levels and contingency

Staffing levels will undoubtedly be affected with several High-Risk members of staff currently employed and delivery drivers being particularly susceptible. At present a number of employees who are self-isolating have been covered by other staff. There are currently no plans to outsource work. The directors and others are reviewing the situation on a regular basis.

What extra health screening is in place?

Staff have been made aware of and are following current advice from the Government and the NHS on controlling the spread of Coronavirus. If it becomes apparent that a member of staff has any symptoms of Coronavirus, they will be required to leave the site immediately. Staffing levels are closely monitored so as to maintain food safety. On returning to work staff must complete updated Health Declarations and Return to Work , they must be signed, and checked by a Senior Manager before the employee can re-commence work.

Additional hygiene / process measures

Staff are aware of the importance of regular hand washing for 20 seconds. It is essential on site as Personal Hygiene is a prerequisite of our Food Safety System. Any Government or NHS updates are immediately communicated to all staff. We have re-enforced our hygiene standards by making hand sanitizer available on entry to and exit from the site with added visible signage and communication of any measures taken.

All of our drivers are supplied with disposable gloves and face coverings for use and protection throughout their day. It is now a regular practice for all door handles, handrails, taps, telephones, keyboards and any other areas where hand contact is apparent to be sanitised , both in the food processing area and in the office/reception areas. Adherence to all other government advice is being encouraged to control the spread of the virus both on site and off.
Working closely with FSA staff and the On-site Veterinary Service we have continued to require a mandatory 1-meter social distancing limit. Ensuring, both by instruction and physical markings on the ground, that we and FSA staff respect the spacing outlined in Government guidelines. All staff must observe this distancing whilst working and on breaks. If this distance can not be adhered to for logistical reasons face coverings must be worn.

All delivery drivers have been given advice and training on social distancing and how and when to use any relevant PPE and face coverings.

Contingency for ingredient supply

We currently carry a large stock of ingredients. Which gives us the capacity to absorb extraordinary events. As those ingredients begin to run low, we do not foresee any supply issues. Suppliers have reported that their stock levels are good, and no issues are foreseen.

Access to site restrictions

Restrictions imposed are those for people who have had contact with the Virus or who are showing symptoms. Others that need to attend site are screened on entry. Auditors, sales representatives, and any other non-essential workers and members of the general public should already practise social distancing as laid out in Government advice.

Forward planning

As the situation changes all forward planning is dynamic. As a business we can only progress day by day. At present there is no planned closure of any part of the business. all risk assessments are reviewed monthly.

If, in the future, it was deemed impossible to continue working, then all of those affected would be informed of any temporary closure by e-mail, phone call or letter, where appropriate. This would include Staff, Customers, Suppliers, Producers, Waste Companies, Hauliers, Banks, Accountants, Certification Bodies and other Service providers.

Updated Government information

The company is signed up to instant e-mail updates from the website. If and when information on any changes to the Government’s Response to COVID-19 become available, these changes/information can quickly be passed on to staff, customers, suppliers and producers.

These practices will be reviewed regularly and further changes implemented based on official recommendations by the government and industry bodies.

Collection or Contact Free Delivery

If you live locally and want to avoid unnecessary travel or exposure, we are pleased to provide a check out our Click & Deliver and Click & Collect services.

You can order your meat by phone or email and get your shopping delivered straight to your door or premises.

All orders are freshly cut, prepared and packed in a refrigerated, controlled and clean environment.

To keep the delivery contact-free and adhere to the social distancing rules, we can ring the doorbell on arrival and leave your order at the door, retreating a safe distance until you have collected it before we leave.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01326 377081 if you have any questions!