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When it comes to freshly cut meat there’s nothing better than heading down to your local butchers and choosing from a range of carefully selected beef, lamb, pork and poultry. We are a traditional family butchers, specialising in the finest quality cuts of Cornish meat from local farms and markets. Our staff have a wealth of experience and employ both traditional and modern methods of butchery. 

We prepare and slice our own bacon. We make all of our own sausages, burgers and hogs pudding, cut, bone and roll the best quality fresh meats and poultry for sale to local people and businesses. We also sell our products through our traditional farm shop at Penhalvean, on the outskirts of the village of Stithians. So why not keep it local and visit our spiritual home and experience for yourself a real taste of quality meat and produce. You’ll never buy meat from a supermarket again!

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If you’re looking for a forward thinking food service wholesaler that understands your needs, will help you deliver your food proposition and meet your commercial objectives, we are just one step away.