Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Ethos

From the very beginning, R.J.Trevarthen’s ethos has been that of one to provide the highest quality of product to our customers. By using our fantastic customer relations, built on years of getting to know our customers on an individual basis, we can drive our quality standards on tailor-made specifications for each and every one. Our passion and drive for customer satisfaction keep’s us moving forward and progressing year-on-year. Our team works constantly with individuals, your teams, and other customers to grow great relationships. This in turn promotes trust, consistency, and the ability to be flexible in the product we supply.

No compromise on Quality
Our team of Butchers are here to provide a high quality and cater to all individual needs. We invest time and effort to produce products designed to your individual specifications and exacting standards.

Customer Focus
We are supportive of our customer’s requirements, remaining consistent, flexible and reliable for your complete satisfaction.

Sustainable ethical sourcing – supporting Cornish Farmers 
We have a responsibility to continue to be sustainable; we are able to meet these obligations by purchasing locally. Relationships have been formed and built with local farmers and producers giving you full traceability from farm to fork.

Approved Suppliers
All of our suppliers have to meet prerequisite standards, and are subject to strict scrutiny and audit approval before becoming approved suppliers to R. J. Trevarthen Ltd.

Passion For Produce
We respond to customer trends, offering a diverse product range, giving you the confidence in your ability to provide your customer with the highest quality product.

Business Values
As a business we endeavour to extend our values throughout, creating a business culture that is friendly, approachable, dedicated, passionate and inclusive. We care about our customers and their business. Every customer is individual and their needs and requirements take priority.


If you’re looking for a forward thinking food service wholesaler that understands your needs, will help you deliver your food proposition and meet your commercial objectives, we are just one step away.