Our beef is slaughtered and processed on site by our Abattoir team under the supervision of FSA inspectors and an on site Vet. Ensuring welfare and quality as well as food safety standards are always met. Our beef is matured for a minimum of 21 days. But this is flexible according to customer needs. Our teams of Boning and butchery staff take extraordinary care to produce prime cuts to the highest quality and specification.

R.J. Trevarthen Locally Reared Grass Fed Beef | Order via Phone for Next Day Delivery in Cornwall and Devon.

Cornwalls Finest Beef

Here at Trevarthen’s we are proud to support local farmers in the rolling hills of Cornwall.

It’s all too easy to forget about the muddy fields and barns full of straw and hay that represent life on the farms from which we source our prime Cornish meat. The slow, natural way in which animals are grown, the freedom of true free-range animals and the healthy, nutritious diets of animals left to forage are the very reasons why the meat we sell on to customers in our shops is so succulent, flavourful and delicious. 

Supporting Cornwall’s Farmers


Outstanding Quality


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